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Upload your personal task milestones, assignments you’ve made and presented with your classmates, work project mockups you are about to throw away, creative design sketches, notes you keep, awesome theses as well as the pictures you took while brainstorming or taking a break. In the world of  all fragments of creativity have a valued place!

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Verified Connections

Every connection in among Students, Educational Institutions, Professionals, Businesses, Certification issuers etc. can be verified, proving the authenticity of the information that exists on our platform.


Collaborate with other Users, or even Institutions, on your projects and exchange ideas with them. (Coming soon)


Publish and share your articles, your thesis or your latest research in your field. (Coming soon)


Discover Courses from both Verified Educational Institutions and our Partners.(Coming soon)

Discover & Engage

Get inspired discovering fresh ideas & creations from users’ e-Portfolios and intriguing ideas they wish to share.

Interactive CVs

Present your unique life story bio as an interactive CV.


Discover Educational Institutions in your region or worldwide and find out more about their programmes, facilities etc. (Coming soon)

White-label microsite

Your customised website presentation with your custom domain is automatically fed with your own life story, projects, posts & articles from your profile. No code required, no website or hosting costs! (Coming soon) also offers

More than 63 features will be included in the final version of


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