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F.A.Q. is a modern online ePortfolio platform equipped with networking and collaboration tools meant for Students, Professionals Educational Institutions and Firms. Amongst many other things, you can create your own e-Portfolio, projects, your interactive CV life-story, you can upload articles, assignments, theses, you can collaborate with peers, you can interact with institutions, search for courses and more. Creating a account is free.

An ePortfolio is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user. It is maintained online over time, demonstrating the user’s abilities and serves as a platform for self-expression. It is a type of learning record, closely related to the learning plan, an emerging tool which individuals, teams, educational communities and organisations use to manage learning, providing actual evidence of achievement. It can facilitate learners’ reflection on their own learning, leading to more awareness of strategies as well as needs, and its use leads to better learning outcomes.
Moreover, it can be used in Business as a tool through which individuals can demonstrate their creativity as well as their problem-solving skills and it can also function as a showcase of their original ideas.

An Project in is an online, interactive composition of information, text, files, images, multimedia, blog entries, links, chart data, map entries and more, stylishly brought together using modern design guidelines and technologies.

Throughout our operations in the Education and Business sectors we couldn’t help but notice the amount of creative work that is lost or scattered in local folders, flash drives or cloud storage services. At the same time professional social media have no way of providing samples of a person’s passion for their field or quality of work. is the multi space where such products of creativity find their place in order to document one’s evolution and hopefully inspire others as well.

Existing ePortfolio solutions seem to have major drawbacks, either being self-hosted and isolated or using outdated technologies and lacking basic modern functionalities. This leaves users with no complete solution, which is where comes in!

It goes without saying that qualifications and job experience need to be documented, which is the case in interactive CVs. However, goes beyond that, demonstrating the creativity of the user whether it is the result of professional, educational or recreational experience. An ePortfolio can be connected to any such experience, remaining, at the same time, on focus, enabling users to store, revise and showcase their work. is intended for learners on any age, tutors in all levels of Education, professionals, organisations, institutions and businesses.

As an ePortfolio could easily prove a rather vague idea, focuses on three main aspects, being:

  1. a personal archive, where one can store and document one’s work and progress.
  2. a collaboration tool, as it has the ability to be created by two or more users, which makes it excellent for working on team projects and displaying collaborative results.
  3. a proof of skill, experience and inspiration, as published Projects (of an ePortfolio) showcase one’s work attracting interest and inspiring others. Browsing through public Projects, users discover other users’ interests, which enables them to learn and get inspired.

Moreover, there is no doubt that users will invent further, creative ways to use their ePortfolios that will embrace throughout its development.

Educational Institutions have a number of reasons to join as they can:

  1. create the Institution’s ePortfolio to promote their services and provide quality samples.
  2. maximize exposure and networking by acquiring verified connections with individuals (students, associates, employees, etc).
  3. showcase their verified connections’ associated portfolios in the institution’s profile.
  4. create and manage groups for collaboration.
  5. find users that are active and experienced in a specific line of work.
  6. promote their e-Courses making them available for users to locate and register.
  7. offer discounted PRO subscriptions to verified students as a complementary service. (also known as teventio) [ /tɪˈvɛnt’io/ ] is a neologism that combines two of the most important concepts on our platform, time and events. Τhe inspiration behind the name lies at the strong belief we share that all individuals have important creative events to share in their timeline.


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